Friday, July 6, 2012

Kansas Update

A lot has changed since I've posted last.  Here in Kansas, God has done so much to make my life complete and engaging.  Being married to Amanda has been such a blessing :)  She is a sweetheart and more than I would ever have asked for in a wife.  Living way out in the country, hearing the trains in the distance- all this makes life sweet.  Working with two of my best friends, Nick and Derek at Health Alliance Labor is what takes up most of my time, but it's the best work I've ever had.  We started out in the Wichita area doing landscaping, but now we mainly install fences.  We also plan to do tree service in the fall.  I have found that marketing and talking with clients is really the hard part of running a service-based business that involves large dollar investments on the part of clients.  And, since fences usually last 15-25 years, we rarely have repeat customers.  You can check out our main Labor Team website at:

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